Family Time

At Jim Bender, we understand exactly why Americans work so hard. We all work so we can support ourselves, our families, our neighbors, and our loved ones. We work to improve the lives of everyone around us. We work toward the pursuit of happiness, that we may create lasting memories among friends and kin. In short, you don’t live so you can work; you work so you can live.

Family time is important to everyone, so our workers are out 5 days, and home 2 days with a standard 34-hour reset at home each week. Furthermore, we keep consistent, manageable weekly work schedules and miles, which may be why our turnover rate is 1/3 of the industry average. At Jim Bender, we don’t overwork our drivers. We give them time to be with the people they love, and we always encourage adequate rest. That’s the way trucking jobs should be, in our opinion.

Safety is always our number one priority, and at Jim Bender, we know that well-rested drivers are the safest drivers on the road. Aside from allowing for family time, our mandated days off ensure that our drivers receive the appropriate rest for the job, resulting in happier employees and safer highways. While many trucking jobs push drivers to their limits, we want to ensure all of our employees are safe, healthy, and happy.

Have a question about our Family Time policy? Call Jim Bender Inc in the Omaha area at 402-509-2518. We’re happy to answer any question or address any concern. Don’t be shy, now!