Employee Benefits

At Jim Bender Trucking, benefits are a big part of our company culture. We take care of our workers, because we subscribe to the philosophy that we all work so we can live, and not the other way around. In other words, each of our employees at Jim Bender works hard to earn a decent living, and that living should include some quality vacation or family time. If you work hard for Jim Bender, you’ll be rewarded. It’s that simple.


Our road drivers average $50,000 to $70,000 annually. We offer mileage pay of 45 to 47 cents per mile for East Coast drivers or 40 to 42 cents per mile for Colorado drivers.

While other companies dance around the subject of payment and salaries by simply claiming to offer “competitive wages,” Jim Bender Trucking wants you to know how much money you’ll make up front. Why? Because we don’t want to mislead our potential employees with any manipulative language. Trust is a big component of our management-to-employee relationships, and we want to be as honest as possible.

Other benefits

We also offer paid vacation time, 100% paid health, life, & dental insurance, as well as a company 401k with a 33% match.

We know that at Jim Bender Trucking, benefits are a big draw. Jim Bender Trucking wants each and every one of our employees to be happy and healthy, and to receive the health care coverage every law abiding American deserves. In fact, we want our employees to be happy and healthy long after you retire from Jim Bender, which is why we offer 401k plans with such a high employer match!
Furthermore, Jim Bender enforces a mandatory 5 days out, 2 days home policy, so each driver gets adequate rest and family time every week. We won’t overwork you, and we won’t keep you from what’s most important in life.